Competition Team


Join our competition team and explore your competitive edge. We compete at local tournaments as well as World Championships. Receive personalized, world class instruction at every match and support from your team mates.

Our competition team consists of team members from all of the locations - Massachusetts, Brazil, Chicago, Texas, Canada, and North Carolina.


Either you win, or you learn..

When your hand is raised it is more than just a match. It is the feeling of accomplishment and personal assurance that hard work does reward you if you keep persisting. The assurance that will keep motivating you to work hard and keep pushing forward on and off the mats.


Kids Competition Team

Kids tournaments are a great way to involve your child in something bigger. All matches are refereed by black belt practitioners that ensure their safety, and more importantly.. have fun!



Professor Anderson Silverio has vast experience in MMA and has coached many professional fighters from the local level, to UFC. If you are interested in Jiu Jitsu for MMA, contact us. Learn more about his professional coaching experience here: